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Despite his presence in our habits, bathrobe isn’t still considered like substantial clothes. Mostly people owned a bathrobe when they were young, but when they grow up they abandon this indoor garment. Bathrobe is not renowned as a fashion clothes. Lot of people use it but few of them customize it or accord some importance about it. That’s why, we created Our wish is to “remove the dust” from the bathrobe to modify its old image. We guess, bathrobe can be considered like fashion accessory or stylish clothes. How to do that? To customizing your bathrobe whenever and wherever you want. We offer more than 1700 bathrobes and derivative products, which you will find bathrobes, ponchos, dressing-gown, mantle of bath, baby doll, pyjama, Onesie, Yukata and so on. With this gorgeous choice of article, you will find without difficulty all you need. Let’s join!

Bathrobe or dressing-gown?

Perpetual question about the difference between these two indoors garment. Many scientific were talking about this topic without finding an answer. More seriously, these two concepts are quite similar, that’s why it’s often difficult to define both. try to help you in looking for their grammar origin. If we break down the word bathrobe, we note two words inside: « Bath » and « robe ». Does it mean a robe inside a bath? It’s an easiest way to define this but it’s globally true. Indeed, bathrobe is mainly used in the bathroom after having finish shower. Women’s enjoy making up themselves wrapped in their bathrobes. On the contrary, dressing-gown is more used when you’re chilling at home.

Don’t overlook any cut

A bathrobe cut is may be less important compared to a jean cut. Nevertheless, to get a well cut, you need looking for a size which correspond you. In other terms, never forget the importance of sleeve size. If you’re looking for a bathrobe to charm along the swimming pool or a bathrobe to be comfortable in front of your fireplace, you will not choose the same cut. About people who have long arms, we have some substitutes product like Onesie, Yukata which have extensions.

Thanks to a collar, you’ll be a star

Never underestimated the impact of collar. Undoubtedly, choosing a suitable collar make the difference. Which one is the most appropriate for you? Do you prefer the Kimono collar which is the most current collar or a shawl collar? For stylish people, choose a bathrobe fitted a hood.

Text and colours for all tastes

The period when mostly bathrobes were white is over. Nowadays, the trend is to customize all our staff. We customize our cars, our house, even our clothes. Now it’s the time to personalize bathrobe. Thanks to you can put on your bathrobe your logo, a slogan of your favourite brand or whatever. You want to offer a beautiful bathrobe for your boyfriend? You could remind him at each bath or shower, putting his cute message on his chest or his back. If we are the hugest website concerning bathrobe sales, we also are unique website to personalize as well.

Cotton, silk, polar … even bamboo

Natural or synthetic, the textile from your bathrobe, determine your choice when you decide to buy it. We can distinguish two big categories of textile. The first one come from « natural origin ». There are cotton, silk, wool, bamboo or beech. The second category correspond to the synthetic fibre. It includes, polyester, microfiber or acrylic. According your need, opt for this one which is more suitable. For instance, if you need a bathrobe only when you go out of the bath, you should have got a textile as a sponge cotton. To get warm and comfortable, favour for a polar microfiber. Concerning the attractive style or pattern more meticulous, opt for acrylic textile.

For children and adults

Even if bathrobe is wearing like a baggy, the size is quite important. Know how do you have to use our fit guide. Our collection starts from baby size (3months) until XXL.

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