Bathrobes,the word means comfort, luxury, softness, the best material, and easy living.


Bath Robe for WomanPlus, these can also be given out as gifts. A good bathrobe can be a woman’s best friend when it comes to being lazy or trying to live in a comfort zone for some time. But the question is, how does a woman choose a bath robe? There are
many questions to answer and many things to consider.

So we have decided to help you out.


This is the first thing to consider when you are looking for a bath robe. The stitching should be of good quality and should not give you an itch. Plus, you should also consider whether the material used for stitching is nylon or actual
natural thread. Nylon can cause itching in some cases. Your best bet is to have a robe which uses a normal cotton thread.

The seasons

Now there are many materials to choose from. There is silk, cotton, satin, wool and so many others. You need to look at what season you will be wearing your robe in. In winters you are better off with using microflush and fleece robes because they will offer better protection from the cold outside when you’re done with a warm bath. If you’re looking to get comfy in the summer, you should be looking at satin, and waffle knit robes.


The main factor that you choose a bath robe for is the absorption. You need a fabric that can soak up all that water that is on your body. The best option to consider here are cotton robes. The best in these are Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton.
Terry cloth is also good, but the other versions are fluffier and offer more comfort. People also use silk robes, which are much lighter and easier to move around in, but these are not as absorbent as their cotton counterparts and also don’t offer much protection in the winters.


There are new kinds of robes on the market which use microfiber material. This kind of cloth is made up of fibers that are thinner than the human hair. The main reason for this is to make it more absorbent than normal cotton. These are going to be a bit more expensive but are suitable for any kind of activity. You can use these in a spa, to lounge and even in the summer.


The robe should always be made to your size and should fit you comfortably. The proper size of a robe is when it touches your below your knees at the bottom, just covers your wrists, and are not too broad at the shoulders so that the
stitching is draping down. Neither they should be so tight that you can’t move your arms. They should be loose enough but sit comfortable at your shoulders.


One thing people miss out on is the style of bath robe they can choose from. The most common is the belt style. But, you can also have one which has buttons. You can even have one with a zip. These two can give full coverage to the chest area whereas the belted style may expose it when you are at awkward angles.


Now, the ultimate factor that everything comes down to is the price. Just as any other product there are qualities to it depending on the material and the brand.

A cheap one can cost you as less as $15, and you can go anywhere up from there.
It all depends on your pocket. But price should not be a factor when it comes to a woman choosing a bath robe. You should give yourself some comfort and quality.


This will be a long term buy, so why should a woman be cheap?