Bathrobe Jalla for men

Jalla, is a specialist in the embellishment in your interior with ludic linen house. Let allure to us by the selections of towel and Jalla bathrobe not expensive. Specialist in household linen, the brand was launched since 1814. He proposes astonishing ranges which make sparkle your day laborer. With the question of the innovation, it is intervened in the middle of your intimacy with these elegant creations in microfibre. Filled of imagination, your purchases of bathrobe  Jalla man is declined in nuances which tranquillize or strengthen your intérieurLes advantages of dressing gown Jalla man
A dressing gown fondant and thick, preferred by all the family. Is in the back of the dressing gown, a Jalla label which points out the brand and its year of creation. Besides its quality, the news hangs bathrobe  makes it possible to display the brand with the recto, the conditions of maintenance to the back. The development of the bathrobe  Jalla man in the shape of kimono is accomplished with a beautiful woven hierarchy beginning again braided of the batten of the towel: knack and very visual!

Nothing is more enjoyable than to lie in a comfortable bathrobe and both warm after the bath bath. Wide range of bathrobe Jalla bathrobe exist and available in our point of sale. Many choices according to your personal wishes or your whim. The Jalla offers you a rather wide range of robes with different colors and personalize them with your embroidered name.

Care of her bathrobe

To ensure a long life to his clothes, it must be taken care of. That’s why, an invigorating and effective laundry is really important for the fabric. A bathrobe does not wash like any other garment. Being fragile, the maintenance of a Jalla man bathrobe is not to be taken lightly.
Washing them really requires a great deal of attention, to avoid that the garment is quickly damaged and that it decolourizes prematurely, to avoid that it becomes importable. Everyone has their little repetitive manners in regards to washes but also it is necessary to know if one has the good ones when one speaks to take care of his robe and not to damage it.

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