woman bathrobe hoodie

The bathrobe woman hood is an indoor clothing that appeals more the ladies. He usually finds refuge in the bathroom hanging on a wall or door. Very appreciated for its practical side, but also for the comfort that it provides to the daily life of the woman. It can our entire body from head to toe as if the hooded bathrobe.

The coat can be worn at any season of the year whether in summer or winter. But how is the hooded woman bathrobe?

Why choose a bathrobe women hoodie?

The bathrobe woman hood is very suitable for bathing. Indeed, they can easily dry the whole body from head to toe. The hair can be dried quickly and effortlessly thanks to the hood. For these reasons, they are most used in hair salons or spas. The hooded bathrobe saves a lot of time without rubbing the hair. With the arrival of the winter period many people choose robes with a hood to protect themselves from the cold.

What weight does a bathrobe woman hoodie?

The bathrobe woman hood should be very light to bring comfort and well-being. The weight of a bathrobe is measured by the density of the material that makes up the coat. Generally, for the use of bath cotton sponge is preferred. The ideal weight is around 320g / m2, offering good absorption capacity and effective for maintaining heat. In fact, it is important to avoid heavy bathrobes as much as possible. The purpose of wearing a bathrobe is lightness and comfort. However, heavy models are more absorbent than light ones.