A modal bathrobe only for you

peignoir modal


The modal one is a string packs artificial, acquired by wood the cellulose fibre spinning. The modal one has a character to be roughly 50 % more damp-proof than cotton, with measurement equal. It can be employed only, or associated with other fibres like cotton or élasthanne. The weavings made from modal, have quality to remain flexible and soft even at the end of certain washings. The remains of solids due to water limestones cannot stick to it. Moreover, they resist the contraction.
The appearance of modal can be clear, coloured or chechmate in the mass. One thus finds it in articles such as underwear, bathrobes, towel or cloth. The modal dressing gown is then a single dressing gown in its kind because of the aspect of modal as soft as of cotton.

How to choose the cloth of the modal bathrobe?

The current dressing gown is clothes worn habitually at home becomes a charming tool for the man. The archetype of cloth varies according to request as for example some are made up of 5 % elasthanne, and 95 % of polyester. There is also the colour which gives a deep contrast with other colours a bit varied than that some cloth.

When to wear her modal bathrobe?

At some point when you come out of your bath or shower, the bathrobe has great functions to dry you as quickly as possible and always have a perfect temperature. The modal bathrobe with cotton can offer you this great feeling. The bathrobe in embossed weave, it is essential to cover the body leaving the bed for example. They are lighter but keep less heat than others.

It is good to wear a good bathrobe with a good fabric. But pay attention to the weight, it is measured by the thickness of the sponge. And this belongs to your favor and also to your desire in terms of absorption. If your wish is to have a more hydrophilic bathrobe, this one should be heavier too. Generally, the average varies from 1.5 to 5 kilos.

You have designated the fabric and the weight, you have to select the right prototype. A cotton terry bathrobe, also distinguish your style and personal touch in terms of pace. With belt, buttons, hood, big collar, etc.


Customized bathrobe 3 Suisses

peignoir de bain personnalisé 3 suisses

Why choose a personalized bath robe 3 Swiss?

The personalized bathrobe 3 Swiss is very convenient to dry quickly or to offer a moment of relaxation after a shower. They are there for a real moment of pleasure and sweetness. To adopt for their practical side, they slip quickly after the shower.

The sponge bathrobe and bath cap are ideal when you leave your shower. Because they are basics of your bathroom. There are many models and colors. White, black or colored, the bath robe personalized 3 Swiss sponges will guarantee you a release of bath while comfort and a drying after the swift bath. Short or long, printed or plain, cotton or velvet: a wide range of women’s or men’s and children’s trendy robes await you. But toddlers, too, will be warm after the toilet in their baby hooded cape.

Besides the mantle of baths baby, the customised bathrobe 3 Swiss in sponge can constitute just as well a gift idea original. For the children, it is enough to choose a mantle or a flocked individual bathrobe of their favourite hero. For the adults, a bathrobe customised thanks to an embroidered forename will indeed please very. You can also choose to equip all family by varying colours so that each is there. At the same time, by choosing cheerful colours, you will give of long-term savings plans to all bathroom.

Choose your customised bathrobe 3 Swiss?

The customised bathrobe 3 Swiss exists in several models. The individual bathrobe is in collar kimono, shawl or with a hood. So that it is the most comfortable possible.

Choose currently among 8 products customised bathrobes 3 Swiss chosen for you. It is often difficult to choose among available limitless offer on the Internet.


A luxury bathrobe for men, is it real?

peignoir de bain homme

The bathrobe man starts to attract several men since decades. However, the women are most often allured by the clothes of interiors. It is not astonishing that the men are attracted by this accessory for its wellness. Moreover, it gets comfort and very practical for the bathrobe by maintaining heat body. However, most people choose the dressing gown to thread it in the bathroom. This makes it possible to absorb the quantities of water which drips on the body which is very unpleasant. How to choose well a model of bathrobe man?

The types of bathrobe man?

The man bathrobe exists in several types and shapes. Indeed, there is the bathrobe with kimono collar that is characterized by a flat collar. The cut resembles the famous Japanese clothing the kimono. There are also models with shawl collars that have reverse collars. The hooded model is as the name suggests with a hood that protects the head from the cold. The hood also absorbs moisture on the hair. After your bath you will come out dry and light to prepare to go to work. Moreover, the temperature of your body is maintained time to find a suit. Bathrobe models must have a high basis weight regardless of the composition fabric chosen. The high density of the sponge allows good absorption and brings more heat. Models can be short or long.

What subjects to choose as the bathrobe man?

The bathrobe man can be composed by several subjects, but no one equates the cotton. In fact, he is very comfortable and gives a good capacity of insulation facing cold. The absorbing Aspect of this material is a considerable trump not to feel humidity. Nevertheless, they exist various cotton variety on the market. The combed cotton is part of the most appraising parce ’that it is smooth very pleasing to the touch. There is also the soft velveteen, but less practical to absorb humidity. The Egyptian cotton is very sought-after by the big creators of mode by his lust. The risk of allergy is also minimised with the cotton especially if this one is made in culture bio. Nevertheless, the grammage of the cotton must be raised in about of 320g / m2 in 550g / m2. In fact, the quality of absorption of the sponge depends on the grammage.

Bathrobe bath hood woman to offer as a gift

The dressing gown bath woman hood is an exceptional gift to offer for all the circumstances. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to the person to whom offer it to you. The dressing gown is regarded as something of rather personal. It is important to know the degree of intimacy between that which receives the dress and that which offers it. The dressing gown is a clothing which adapts to every season. In fact, the temperature of the body is easily maintained head with the feet. Generally, the dressing gown bath equipped with hood is very popular near the female gente. Indeed, the dress gets much the wellness and comfort while absorbing moisture on the body. The rules to carry out the good choice are not difficult. It is enough to take into account certain factors and you are ready to make the purchase of a nice dressing gown. But how to choose the dressing gown bath woman hood well?

What are the customization options for a bathrobe hooded woman

The bathrobe bath hood woman is very useful for women especially when going out of bath. Women spend a lot of time in the shower room. It is important to offer a beautiful gift as a nice personalized bathrobe. Nothing like receiving custom-made clothing. This option makes it stand out from others. Customization can be done by the store or take it with you to the professionals. Nevertheless, to start the personalization it would be necessary that the cloth of your robe is adequate. In fact, there are materials that do not give a faithful picture of your customization pattern. Cotton is preferred for its great malleability. Indeed, it can be embroidered by the first names, the patterns without changing the shape of your bathrobe. However, it is also possible to carry out customization with materials such as satin, microfiber … The options for customization are many like burning of picture, photo of your choice. The only limit is the inspiration you show. Then, it is necessary to have a precise idea of ​​the model of bathrobe of your choice. The current trend is rather with a hood that is endowed with a collar. Thereafter you can choose the customization that would suit your bathrobe. It is good to know that all customizations are possible. The pattern embroidery with a logo on the chest remains very chic and makes it easy to stand out. The satin bathrobe can marvel with a silk screen print. The most important thing is to know the characteristics of the materials you work on.


How to customise the bathrobe  according to your look?

The bathrobe woman hood can be customised according to the look of the woman. However, it is important of connaitre characters and dress style of the woman. Personalization brings a personal key in the bathrobe. Moreover, your character must be in harmony with your clothes. In fact, you can bring the customisation with a logo or a text. These options reflect the personality of the one who carries him. For a music fan rock, Gothic they often take out rock on streets dressed in clothes. It is completely possible to give a dressing gown with the logo or the picture of its favourite group. The women who want to feel sexy wear generally a short dressing gown. But to add more pepper it is possible to bring pretty motives on the dressing gown. A motive as a flower, fur of animals In fact, idea is of connaitre look and personality of the person for whom the present is intended. The most difficult rest not to make a mistake about choice.

What size for bathrobe hooded woman bath

The bathrobe hooded woman should have a size adequate not to hinder its user. Models whose sizes are too long can hinder the woman’s movement. As for the models too short they can make the woman look more sexy and naughty. However, the feet are less protected from the cold and moisture flows dry more slowly. Knowing that moisture that does not absorb very well on the body can leave traces of water. Moreover, the size plays an important role to hide or to highlight the physiognomy of the woman. Models can vary from XS to 2XL. These sizes are suitable for women of small sizes and women with a more developed physiognomy. Theoretically, the bathrobe for women is narrower, shorter and sports a more refined cut. Moreover, these are the models that are most often found on the clothing market. The bathrobe woman offers the particularity to make graceful.


Trendy confortable

The bathrobe baby is an ideal clothing for the comfort and the wellness of the little babies. They are still fragile and they need a good very hot clothing with which it will be able to use in all circumstances. The bathrobe baby is thus essential and it will be necessary to choose some to bring a maximum comfort to him.

Which are the various kinds of bathrobe baby?

The bathrobe baby is a principal dress essential to the little babies. The choice of the bathrobe  must be done according to the season, but also according to the practices of movements of the child. A baby needs an optimal protection against the cold. The dressing gown baby is also used to wrap the child after his bath. But the baby can also carry it during the day or before laying down it, in particular during the winter.

Indeed, babies are naturally fragile in the face of the cold winter. They are also of turbulent nature hence the utility of finding a comfortable bathrobe with which they can move easily. During breastfeeding, the baby can also wear a coat like the bathrobe before donning a garment on top.

What bathrobe should you choose for a newborn?

The baby bathrobe can have several models with or without hood. The cold season is indicated for the bathrobe with hood to cover the head after its bath and to reheat it. In addition, the closure is common for the bathrobe, that is to say the belt knotted at the waist. There are also models with side pockets. On the other hand, regarding the patterns, the ideal bathrobe for baby should contain pictures. You can choose bathrobes with animal motifs, drawings of children’s characters

Finally, the color and size must be in harmony with the model chosen for her baby. Bright colors are suggested and the size of the bathrobe depends on the measure of the baby.


baby bathrobe for 3 years

A baby is generally known by his character badly with right or brutal for the crisis period when it requires to even do everything by him. The baby always denies the orders of these parents like the interdict to have fun outside without putting a shoe. When the evening fall, the small one must be washed before lying down. But as you knows it, it is the most difficult task of all. And for this reason, in order to solve your problem with your baby, you could buy a bathrobe baby 3 years to calm it. So it will be quite glad to have it like a small surprise.

The choice and selection criteria for the bathrobe baby 3 years:

Before buying a bathrobe baby 3 years in the stores, it is obligatory of good knowledge and to bring your choice of the matter well. Of wide range are feasible in connection with the particular keys of the bathrobe in question. The bathrobe of shower is a dress personnelqui needs more attention before its acquisition. Of another share, besides its utility, it carries a pace of particular completion. For the purchase, if the newborn does not accompany you, one can take measures: its height, length of the arm and the width of the shoulders

The selection is a real puzzle for the fathers, the best is to prefer a bathrobe compared to its favorite color. Look at the right length, if it is too long, it will outstrip the mobility of the child. The bathrobe should give the cover desired by the child but not too tight in any case. Otherwise, choose a wider bathrobe or a larger size, it would necessarily be wise.

Models and materials of baby bathrobe 3 years:

Cotton is often the most practical substance because of its supple and soft character. The cotton structure of the children’s bathrobes is very rare. This vegetable string can also be arranged with a synthetic fiber so children’s bathrobes are made from a combination of different materials. At a time when you have made the choice of its weight and so of its fabric. The rest of your work which is a bit difficult is to choose between the crowd of choice of its prototype. In search of a 3 year old baby bathrobe, go for a bathrobe terry cloth or better cotton.


Be confortable with a baby bathrobe

In the house, it is often very cold and never understands why. Can be because of too high ceiling, of the tiling or even because of walls? You always catches a cold chill and also your child feels badly at ease. It is time to change clothing then! One turns directly to the child, to put to him at ease in the house, it is necessary at least that it is well with the heat. For that, you can buy a polar dressing gown baby to him who is soft, soft and also very comfortable to especially carry for a child while keeping his temperature to the heat.

The different shapes and types of polar baby bathrobe:

On the market, there are some models of polar baby bathrobe created singularly according to their age and need. In any case, it differentiates the robe for children of the other robes because of its size and its small motivations drawn on it. Choosing the right children’s bathrobe is essential to be able to give the maximum comfort to your child. In the first place, the softness so that the baby can feel good and to obtain more heat when leaving his bath. Then, the ability of the child in the bathrobe that will assure him sovereign comfort, which will depend on the fabric and especially the use of the bathrobe.

Generally, the child’s bathrobe should be patterned with hood. Really comfortable and fluffy, the hooded bathrobe especially in pure cotton very soft is very absorbent. It will be an ideal original gift. Two large pockets, long sleeves and a wide belt make this bathrobe very comfortable. The hood can be decorated with a large pattern in the form of a mouse, panda or other animal in order to give the baby a very naughty look. The bathrobe child presents the singularity of being equipped with a hood. A very absorbent and very enveloping fabric, it can prevent your child catches cold at the exit of the shower. You should therefore choose a bathrobe that is not too long, otherwise your baby will slip and not be very comfortable in all his movements. It is good to choose it with a belt and if possible with passers-by as this will prevent your child loses it. Always think of checking to see if the bathrobe has a hooker hook because it will be convenient to put the bathrobe in his bedroom or in the shower.

Fabric of the polar bathrobe baby:

There are several aspects different from the bathrobe baby made according to the desire of the children and for more charming them. In general, they gather the following unit: colors such as the pink, blue, yellow, mauve; small reasons like the stripes, pea, stars; drawings such as flowers, character in the cartoons and as the prototypes i.e. size as it is long, short, hood. What distinguishes the bathrobe child in his creation it is that it can be original, by adding the ears with animals on the hood like rabbit or a dog and also of the tail of animals.
To walk on even further, thanks to the evolution of the work of the bathrobe, there remains complete counterparts of animated role. For the children from 2 to 6 years, the bathrobe mouse is impeccable for a little girl and the bathrobe bear is made for a little boy. By causing type of perfect fabric for the bathrobe for baby child, cotton is most generally used by the parents. For a simple logic, it offers an ultimate comfort to small because it is very damp-proof. It is also very soft and the children like that. But there is the silk model, a thin fabric and very light, considering it does not absorb water, it is not thus appropriate for the wet situation.

It is very essential for the child to have a bathrobe to himself. This helps push him to take his bath for example. The strength of wanting to wear the little bathrobe in the figure of the character that the child glorifies, he inevitably likes the bath. The polar baby bathrobe is also very important for the newborn to keep it warm. The totally cotton sponge, this substance is rather reserved for the bathrobe used at the exit of the shower. Your child will be able to put on the bathrobe at night before going to sleep even if he has not taken a bath, but the sponge has a strong water repellency, which will agree to dry it quickly after the bath. For children, there are plain bathrobes or bathrobes invented. The plain bathrobes die down in pastel paintings, roses, fuchsia, for girls and blues for boys.

Personnalized bathrobe for men

How  choose its personnalized bathrobe ?

The dressing gown personalized man is a clothing which can be freed from the bathroom and to go everywhere at home and at various times of day. In its living room, in front of its computer. Comfort above all. For the sportsmen, the dressing gown personalized man is also a very useful accessory. The swimmers will be able for example to use it with the swimming pool.
It is possible to personalize its dressing gown man by the embroidery side heart or in the back. The text will be a first name, a small text. The reason will be to select by set of themes sport, kitchen, nature, animals. .etc.
The dressing gown man personnalisable and personalized is thus an excellent idea.
The dressing gown man personnalisable with a personalized embroidery is a robust dressing gown. Designed with a sponge 100% cotton, thick, which has excellent properties of absorption and comfort. To also discover the range of dressing gowns men for all the ages. Plain models as well as charming dressing gowns man with hood with reasons already embroidered in particular in the back.
The dressing gowns soft men embroidered with your first name are also an excellent idea. What could be more pleasant than to feel in its dressing gown.
The Composition of the dressing gown personalized man is of cotton 100%. Its maintenance is machine washable with 60°c.
We propose to you to choose between 2 fabric options. Vintage and elegant Looped back Jersey and new velvet, super soft. Both will put to you so much at ease.

Design your own personalized bathrobe!

The personalized bathrobe is a perfect garment for moments of relaxation, to the point that you will never want to leave it. When you go home after a hard and long day of work. Forget the stress of the day and resume a calmer and more zen pace. You feel the yard lighter and comfortable.

If you like more than anything snuggle up against your sofa and catch up on your favorite TV shows, then why not do it in personalized bathrobe. The personalized man bathrobe was designed in-house by the fashion experts, who created a style to suit all tastes. Custom men’s bathrobes can also be a wonderful gift for your loved ones, or a special gift for you and your well-being.

The custom man bathrobe is designed to be ample and comfortable to wear on underwear.

Polar bathrobe for women

When talking about hot bathrobes, one immediately thinks of a polar fabric model. Polar textiles are synthetic textile insulation made of polyethylene terephthalate and other synthetic fibers.

The Benefits Of A Cheap Fleece Polar Robe?

The cheap polar women’s bathrobes are light, warm and comfortable. They dry quickly and allow the skin to breathe. All the means are good to stay warm during the winter. There are those who choose to stay near the fire, when others choose the Cheap Polar Bathrobe. There are several materials that can be used to make a cheap polar bathrobe. The polar mesh is most used to have a lot of heat and stay warm. With a warm robe, women will not be reluctant to wake up in the morning. They can also sleep without covering several blankets.

Indeed, if you plan on this fabric, you will be able to choose the cut that you desire and above all you will be entitled to all the heat that you want. To help you make the right choice, know that the cheap polar cloth is the one you need to own. To be warm without falling over the weight of the clothes.

How is woman the polar bathrobe?

The polar dressing gown woman not expensive exists general in several brands. You have the choice. For example for the polar dressing gown woman not expensive Redoute, there exists between the brand Anne Wayburn, that is to say Louise Marnay. There are not great differences between the brands, because the polar dressing gowns women not expensive are done everything of polar mesh. A matter very soft, quite hot and pleasant to carry.

The polar dressing gowns women not expensive can also be entirely zipped. It comprises two pockets on the sides which will be used to heat the hand. The completion is made velvet and the length can is of 110 cm. As a closing of the buttons which are present on the front.

Why choose a polar bathrobe cheap?

A cheap polar bathrobe is very convenient to shelter from the cold thanks to its material of making. The colors can be Rose, navy blue, lilac … according to your choice. The size can vary between 38 and 56. So it is possible to find a polar bathrobe for women of small and large size.

The materials can also be made with a mix of 72% polyester material and 28% viscose. The cheap polar bathrobe is equipped with collars rising to put the neck warm. Besides, the cheap polar bathrobe can also be endowed with a hood.

Bathrobe for men , really useful?

The bathrobes man starts to attract several men since decades. However, the women were most often allured by these clothes of interiors. It is not astonishing that the men are attracted by this accessory for the comfort which it gets. Moreover, they are very practical for the bathrobes by maintaining heat body. However, most people choose the dressing gown to carry it in the room before entering the bathroom. This makes it possible to put the body in good condition before taking the bath. At the time of the bathrobes of the quantities of water can run along the body which is very unpleasant. Why choose bathrobes man?

The usefulness of bathrobes?

Men’s bathrobes are no longer simple clothes to put on when going out. However, many people use it for this purpose. Indeed, they absorb a reasonable amount of water that drips on the body. This occurs most often during bathing. It can also be worn as nightwear in order to have good sleep. In fact, it is very pleasant for the skin by regulating the temperature. The fact of having several models available makes it possible to change bathrobe every time. This occurs most often in the case of the maintenance of the habit. You may have other options like changing robes every day. The most important thing is to have several models available.

Types of bathrobes man?

The bathrobes man exists under several types and forms. Indeed, there exists the dressing gown with collar kimono which is characterized by a flat collar. The cut resembles famous Japanese clothing the kimono. There exist also the models with collar shawls which has reversed collars. The model with hood is as its name indicates it equipped with a hood which is used to protect the head from the cold. The hood also makes it possible to absorb moisture on the hair. After your bath you will leave dry and light to prepare to leave. Moreover, the temperature of your body is maintained time to find a suit. The models of dressing gown must have a fort grammage it does not matter fabric of selected composition. The high density of sponge allows a good absorption and brings more heat. The models can be short or long. The Purchase can be done in batch or according to your preferences.