Peignoir en coton pour homme

The cotton bathrobe for men is as a marriage between the elegance and the comfort. In the strict intimacy of the inside, everybody knows how much that counts a caress of cotton tissue mop on the skin having taken a shower or a bath. The major part of bathrobes for men are of darker color such as the black or the blue,. Yet if we do not plan to limit the use of the bathrobe to the bathroom, it exists there others which are very elegant and classic of models in the sober colors.

For example, bathrobes colored in grey or in beige are adapted with a pair of slippers. It is also necessary possible to show well the silhouette by using decorated belts rather thick. It is necessary to choose as well the collar between shawl, kimono or in hood, according to him.

The cotton bathrobe for men to relax

Like women, mens usually calls in the bathrobe for a sense of well-being or just for a moment of relaxation after a bath or shower. The main role of the bathrobe is to give for him or her full satisfaction.

How to distinguish the cotton dressing gown for man from that of the women?

It’s very easy to differentiate a cotton dressing gown for men from that of a woman. Concerning men it’is the same time larger and longer.. Without speaking of its size, the dressing gowns for men can also be characterized by their colors which much darker, are sunk and more sharp. Therefore they are generally of black color, maroon, red or dark blue. Another specificity of a dressing gown for men, it is inevitably crossed and is always accompanied by belt. Their handles are much longer with collars which generally went up.

In addition, the cotton dressing gown for men can have reasons but this case is very rare. In fact the plain colours dominate over the market. One can thus have dressing gowns with stripes, dressing gowns with pea, dressing gowns with squares and much of other combinations of reasons. The dressing gowns for men can be made using various textile fibres but in fact the cotton dressing gowns dominate over the market. They can also be personalized. Indeed, much of men adore to find on their dressing gowns their initial or their names. For example because they think that highlights their personal characters.