Feeling better with personnalized bathrobe

peignoir de bain personnalisé

Embroidery in the back, collar, sleeves, etc. There are different ways to customize her bathrobe. The personalized bathrobe is above all a bathrobe that resembles us. Indeed, the term “personalized” means that one has chosen oneself the entirety of the robe, that is to say its color, its size, its thickness, the few decorations, initial, first name or texts on The back, etc.

Why personalize its clothing?

One of the reasons which pushes us to personalize our clothing is above all for the satisfaction of our desire. For others, it is right because they want to bring their image, their color or to make pass from the messages on their clothing. Many are those which, nowadays, choose the personalization of their bathrobe in order to be distinguished. To wear a bathrobe personalized guaranteed a total satisfaction of oneself. Since one will be well with the heat in a dressing gown which resembles to us just after our bathrobe.

Some types of police for the initial in the back of our individual bathrobe

Trajan which is a police very in capital. She is ideal for big events. During occasions more or less intimate, it is necessary to fill his formalism up by trying to shorten embroidery in initials.

Sign Painter, a runny and fine police. This one is going to make us relive the soft memories which are exchanged between lover. She reminds us of the writing of the pages of our diary. The dressing gown invites in any celebration, that it is a birthday, a christening, a marriage or even in present of valentine’s day. Being also a less official police compared in Crimson or in Trajan, Sign Painter reflects an emotional and emotional commitment.

Edwardian who takes us directly at the time of Victorian England. This type of police was especially created to reproduce calligraphy in the feather which reproduces pressure variations during the writing. Being more sophisticated and more delicate, it is its letters which come to adorn our dressing gown, making us travel across epochs.

Crimson, a very elegant police and at the same time very simple. This one is the most favorite of people. She is perfectly legible and very refined. Capable of signing wonderfully our individual bathrobe, our individual pyjamas or else our individual dressing gown.

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