Choose from multiple customization options is the first and largest online store entirely dedicated to the bathrobe. We offer you all the styles: from the most classic to the most fancy, the thickest for the winter to the lightest for the summers scorching. You will undoubtedly find the bathrobe man, woman or child of quality that you need among our thousands of models. But that is not enough for us!

Because we all like to mark our differences, offers all its customers the option “I customize” for free for all bathrobes. Note that this exclusive service is also available for dressing gowns and pajamas that you would like to customize! This section allows you to contemplate all the possibilities of customization that exists within our website.

What possibilities of customization?


A personalized pattern or logo that will make all the difference on your bathrobe. A floral, summer or embroidered festive pattern given to any bathrobe personalized a supplement of soul. It also gives meaning to a bathrobe offered as a gift. It can indeed highlight a character trait of the person to whom the bathrobe is intended, highlight the circumstances of a meeting or evoke the memory of an event. Burlesque or funny for a joke, it can also be more discreet, affectionate or romantic to give a sentimental stamp to the present. Companies, we have also thought of you! Do you want to offer your employees or customers a bathrobe personalized with your company logo? Contact us.


Embroidery on the back, on the sleeves, collar or elsewhere? We do not offer these locations by default, but we will be happy to make for you the embroidery of your dreams. So, if you do not find your happiness among these multiple customization options, do not hesitate to contact us to specify your needs. We will answer you with a quote, also personalized of course!

How to customize your logo?


On the chest

One of the first options to customize your bathrobe or other clothing at is to opt for a logo on the chest. Visible by oneself and others, it has the advantage of being seen directly. A badge style logo is often favored at this style of places.

On the back

In the back, the logos can usually be bigger. Indeed unlike the chest that divides into two sides, right and left, the back represents the widest surface of your indoor garment. Ideal place to place a large logo or a large picture of you and your children for example

Logo size

These differences between chest and back are highlighted on the size of the printed logo as mentioned above. On the chest, there are only two possible options regarding the size of the logo. 8 * 8 cm and 10 * 10 cm. On the contrary, if you decide to have a logo made in the back, you will have the possibility to make it reach a maximum size of 25 * 25 cm!

How to customize your text?


At, we leave nothing to chance. Any customization is important. Even the color of your text is important to us. Indeed, depending on the color of the garment you choose, some font colors will not necessarily fit well. For example, on a dark bathrobe, favor lighter colors. Here is the list of all the colors we offer to better see all our possibilities.

black – violet – candy – lilac – grenadine
sapphire – royal – sky – anthracite – silver
immaculate – avocado – apple – cobalt wire – Gold
mandarin – melon – caramel – chocolate – coffee

Choice of fonts for a personalized bathrobe: from classic to extravagant

Trajan: we offer it!

Trajan Police is free for all our clients. All in capitals, it will be perfect for big events. For more intimate occasions, it may be necessary to compensate for its formalism by shortening the embroidery with the initials.

The Painter Sign, very gently

Thin and shooting, Sign Painter will make you relive the memories of the sweet notes exchanged between lovers and will remind you the writing of the pages of your diary. Lightweight and compact, this font is inviting in all celebrations: baptisms, birthdays, weddings and even Valentine’s Day gifts. Less formal than Trajan or Crimson, it reflects a sentimental or emotional commitment.

The Edwardian, so chic!

You are back in the days of Victorian England. This font was created to reproduce pen calligraphy to perfection, reproducing pressure variations during writing. Delicate and sophisticated, the letters will come elegantly