Birthdays, anniversaries, high holidays are those special occasions which are celebrated by hearty wishes and gifts from our dear and loved ones. You might be hard-pressed to think of a great gift idea, the proverbial ‘perfect gift’ on such occasions. We endeavor to be creative and buy something that reflects the originality of the gift giver as well as the recipient and hope that it truly is cherished, and not accepted with a smile that masks one’s inner indifference.

Nobody wants the gift to end up being unused, and worse, they would not return so as not to hurt the gift giver’s feelings. If any occasion is right around the corner and you are struggling for the right idea, then you might consider giving an exclusive mens towelling bathrobe for anyone who wants to enjoy a relaxing practical gift for after bath or shower or just lounging at home watching the football game.

Mens towelling bathrobe generally are offered in sizes, though the one size fits all is in the past, so you may want to measure his old robe to determine to size, though the better online retailers have measurements on their website as well as indicating if someone is 6 feet tall, this robe is mid-shin in length etc. But the beauty of bathrobes is that most people like them a little roomy, and they are not very size specific like a shirt or pants, it is an easy purchase.

Also, bathrobes are available in a variety of fabrics, different weights from plush terry to lightweight, depending on preference or if you live in a cold or warm climate. You can choose from a variety of patterns including checked and stripes and of various colors and styles, online the choices are wide. Typically, the chain stores stock a few choices at Christmas, but the selection is usually limited compared to online bathrobe retailers, who specialize in mens towelling bathrobe only.

mens towelling bathrobe

Typical men’s bathrobe styles feature cotton terry cloth in various weights, simple designs and colors like whites, blacks, and blues. Look for some interesting innovative designs like sculptured terry velour now possible because of computerized jaMan A Perfect Bathrobecquard looms that go beyond the basic white terry towel with sleeves. The most popular styles for luxury robes include Windowpane, ZigZag, Ribbed and Waves which are specially designed to add comfort and style to the person wearing it. Moreover, there are also differences in a material of robes available for warmer climates. Heavy bathrobes are ideal to survive the winter cold and keep you warm in colder months, while light ropes are ideal for the summer months.

Another factor to be considered before making a decision would be the neckline or collar. From a wide variety of designs including the traditional shawl bathrobes to the hooded bathrobe design, or kimono design, there are these features you need to consider before making a purchase. Finally, it is your personal taste which is probably the most important in deciding a perfect bathrobe to suit yourself or your recipient. With this little understanding and guide, finding that perfect gift may have become a little bit easier.