The size, color and patterns, materials are the criteria to consider when choosing a girl’s hooded robe. Regarding the size, it must be adjusted correctly if you want your bathrobe to be nice to wear because if it is too big, it will be heavy and bulky and if it is too small or too short, Ease of wearing it, plus it will be difficult to tie to the waist around your waist. The choice of your size is made according to your chest. And according to the models and the marks, the sizes are indicated in letter or in cm. The sizes of the girl hooded bathrobes usually cover several sizes, for example size S covers from 40 to 44, this is mainly due to the fact that the bathrobe is worn loose and wide. For color and patterns, it is the robes printed in flashy colors would suit perfectly for girls. But for the materials, this mainly concerns the grammage. The higher the weight, the thicker the sponge. So, do not choose a heavier bathrobe because it will become unpleasant to wear.

The dressing gown hood girl:

Obviously, a dressing gown hood girl gives priority to elegance. A dressing gown which wraps you in softness thanks to its volume and its weight. The bathrobe is a practical product for the every day. There exists among many models, a range of products of SPAS which dry particularly quickly, adapted especially to sporting mentalities. But a dressing gown hood girl is a clothing which threads while returning at home to be held hot or for the evenings of back season in terrace.

The bathrobe hood girl for gift

If you buy a bathrobe hood girl for a present, there are some factors to be considered in your choice. Think in how it is going to use it. Does she take generally her shower in the morning or rather in the evening? Does she use the bathrobe to dry itself quickly and get dressed to start the day? Or does she want to take advantage of a hot shower in the evening and then to stroll in her room comfortably installed in her bathrobe? For the first use, you can envisage a short bathrobe more functional, whereas the use in the evening after the shower, a long and soft bathrobe will be preferable.