The women’s bathrobe is an indoor garment that seduces women more and more. He usually finds refuge in the bathroom hanging from a wall. Very appreciated for its practicality, but also for the comfort that it provides daily. In fact, it is an ample coat that slips in the manner of a jacket. Most models are knotted at the waist using a belt. It can be donned at any season of the year whether in summer or winter. What do you say to buy several Bathrobes to slip according to the season? This is tempting, but depends on your budget and your purchasing power. To be dressed in a bathrobe in all tranquility and to walk at home is a real happiness. But what are the criteria for choosing a woman bathrobe?

Which models of bathrobe woman?

The Bathrobe woman is defined under several types and forms. The choice depends mainly on its use and the place where you to be located. The dressing gown with collar kimono, collar shawl, hood are most present on the market. The models can be short or long. The choice length depends entirely on your style. In fact, certain women prefer the short models to appear sexy when others are more modest. The dressing gown with collar kimono is characterized by a rather flat collar. These models are appropriate to the women well as those with collar shawl whose collars are reversed. The women who are concerned with their physics will undoubtedly choose that with a hood. In addition, they make it possible to quickly put your hair safe from moisture.

What material to choose for the woman bathrobe?

The woman bathrobe can be made with several materials like cotton. Moreover, many people opt for this material for its practical side. Moreover, it remains very popular to quickly absorb moisture and maintain the warmth of the body. However, there are new materials such as bamboo viscose. A soft and heavy material. Moreover, it can substitute the capacity of cotton. In fact, its absorption capacity is higher than cotton. The only problem is that it takes longer to dry. There are also those in modal and linen. These materials are silky and flexible and have good absorption capacity.