Custom monogrammed silk robes are garments which is used by the people during their relaxing time or inside the privacy of their homes.These can be used by before or after taking the bath for drying the body and to take some warmth during winters.But now days,it has not restricted to this only instead they turned into the symbol of fashion.

The most common type of material that can be used for preparing is Tercustom monogrammed silk robesry cloth which is often known as terry cotton.It is a pile fabric and is derived from the cotton.This kind of pile fabric is then used with cotton keeping the loops uncut on both the sides.

This fabric is known for its water absorbing quality and these are generally used for making towels and robes.The towels made from this material are generally known as Turkish towels as they have moisture wicking material.

These are available in two types in the market in form of standard terry cloth and French terry cloth.These types of clothes are in a great demand as they are very smooth and comfortable against the skin.The terry cloth robes are meant to serve for longer time.They are produced by the manufacturing companies which have adopted the state-of-the-art technology.

Silk is another quite popular material that comprise fibroin and is produced from the larva bombyx mori which is commonly known as silkworm.These fibers feature some of the qualities such as they are very strong,stretchable,and durable and exhibit natural luster.The robes of silk are very light in weight and quite handy to carry.

The drawback associated with silk is that it has less absorbing character.Unlike cotton robes,they do not exhibit surface area and polarity that are necessary for absorbing water.These are available in several exciting colors and styles which will very well go with your personality.

The great surface finish and grand rich look is enough for attracting anyone.This is the best ways of experiencing the soft and velvety feel in form of silk robes.

The cotton robes which are one of the most popular types of all are the first choice throughout the world.These are widely acclaimed for their comfortable and water absorption properties.The absorption in cotton is due to the polarized cellulose.These are generally used in summers.Due to the water absorbing property,they are generally used around pool,beach and at homes after taking the shower.

The custom monogrammed silk robes are made from the high quality Turkish and Egyptian cotton.The absorbing quality is generally increased with the density and weight of the material.