Nowadays mens bath bathrobes play an essential part in every household as they are used to dry the hair and skin. At present, bathing swab, are manufactured from the piled or looped cotton, terrycloth, or cotton blended with other polyesters but earlier, this swab were manufactured using linen only.

Though there are so many companies that sell men’s terry robe online all over the world, it is not easy to get reliable companies and manufacturers. From hand cleaning swab to kids robes to decorative bathroom robes, it has become a fashion trend to look for bathrobes that match with the modern accessories for the best feel and look.

Interested men can get a wide collection of men’s terry bathrobes in different colors and designs manufactured using 100 percent and attractive textures like waffled or ribbed, terry and other fabrics to make the product smooth and soft to use. Though there are various factors that need to be looked upon while making a choice in buying mens terry bathrobes online, few are listed below-

Fabric Used In Manufacturing Process

Since most of the men’s terry bathrobes are fabricated of terry, the kind of terry used in the manufacturing process has the direct impact on the durability of the product. Therefore, while choosing the product, selecting organic terry bathrobes would be a wise option as these terry are made from premium quality long-staple terry fiber. On the other hand, micro-terry bathroom swab comes with soft and plush fibers that create a fluffy bathrobe with a suede-like texture and excellent absorbency. Due to this reason, the product is used at various hotels, resorts, hospitals etc. Interested buyers can select a wide collection of hand doily, face doily, terry doily in Delhi from both online and offline markets at best prices.

Weight Of The Bathrobes

The weight of men’s terry robe is another important feature that must be considered by the buyers if they are buying bathrobes. Not many people know this that the weight of the doily is measured in GSM or grams per square meter, which is a reference to the density of the fibers in the robe. If a man is going out to the gym or for swimming, carrying thinner bathrobes with him/her would be more efficient as this doily weigh 300-400 GSM and are easier to fold and carry. Weightage of medium bath bathrobes are 400-600 GSM and are listed perfect cloth as bath linen, guest doily, and peach terry. If bathrobes weigh 600GSM, it will take little longer time to dry as they are denser, heavier and more absorbent.

Size Of The bathrobe : buying mens terry robe

Today, men’s terry robe is available in various sizes and absorbency level. Bathrobes that come in 27″ x 52″ size are used perfectly for drying after a shower or bath, but if robe size is approximately 16″ x 30, it is suited best for drying hands after each wash. Similarly, 13″ x 13″ size bathrobes can be easily carried in a bag to wipe away moisture, sweat or hands.
If you look at the above factors you will surely get the best mens terry bathrobe