Hooded bathrobes are a must for women as they protect them from catching a cold immediately after the bath. Hooded bathrobes are snug and can even be used as a blanket to wrap up your body. Some hooded bathrobe have fanciful faces embroidered on their hood while others are adorned with beautiful ribbons on their outline which make your baby look even more adorable. You can buy these hooded bathrobes from any departmental or can even order them online.

You can even stitch a luxurious hooded bathrobe for your tiny tot all by yourself. A self-stitched hooded bathrobe is a prized possession. You will not only enjoy stitching it but will also give you a feeling of immense satisfaction once you are done with it.

Stitching the women’s hooded bathrobe
is extremely effortless, anybody can enjoy making it. Moreover, it takes hardly an hour to stitch it.

As you start making these hooded bathrobes yourself, you will gradually get better at it and eventually start enjoying it. At this stage, you will realize that making these bathrobes yourself is quite fun. And if you think that you are having fun doing this, then you could probably team up with a designer to launch your line of bathrobes. Agreed that it’s not the most glamorous things, but hey, don’t forget that you would be making money by doing something that you enjoy!

Things required to make the women’s hooded bathrobe are a sewing machine, a standard size luxury bathrobe, one washcloth of the same color and material as that of the bathrobe, matching thread, scissors, and pins.

After having arranged these things, you need to follow few simple steps to make your women’s hooded bathrobe.

To begin with cut the regular bathrobe width wise exactly into two halves. This will form two square pieces we need to use one of them keep the other piece aside.

Next, fold over about of the cut edge of the bathrobe and stitch it using a sewing machine.

Now cut the wash cloth diagonally into two halves two form two triangular pieces. Use one of them to make the hood of the bathrobe and keep the other aside.

Take one of the triangular pieces, fold over about of the cut edge and stitch it using the sewing machine, this is done to give proper finishing the cut edge.

Place this piece on one of the corners of the square piece so that their edges perfectly match and pin them together.

Then, stitch the overlapping edges together leaving the finished edge of the triangle unstitched.

And you are done with it; your women’s hooded bathrobe is ready. To make it more attractive, decorate the hood with beautiful material made of bright colored fabric scraps. Or else you can decorate the hooded bathrobe with a colorful ribbon.

So now, what are you waiting for? Your personalized women’s hooded bathrobe is ready to be used. Do not delay in using it to protect yourself from extreme cold conditions especially at night.