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The adidas hooded men’s bathrobe is a bathrobe for professional sportsmen, in this case water sports, a bathrobe that imposes no limits. The adidas men’s hooded bathrobe has been designed to meet the most demanding needs, the feedback from professionals about it confirms the quality that the brand offers its customers. Swimming, combat sport, indoor or outdoor sports, this bathrobe is ideal for both training sessions and competitions. This high-performance bathrobe, although it is designed in the details to meet the requirements of professionals, are selling price to the general public. An adidas hooded man bathrobe to replace your old bathrobe or simply to appropriate an exceptional bathrobe, why not? At the price where are sold these beautiful bathrobes, you have right to have at home for your greater good. In a very masculine fit and color, the adidas men’s hooded bathrobe gives you the performance and comfort that professionals and athletes demand. Demand quality and prestige at affordable cost for all budgets. Rather comfortable and warm this exceptional bathrobe is made of a soft and light material with a foolproof efficiency, in a simple and regular cut, this bathrobe has two patch pockets on the front with flaps, wide pockets that can accommodate a tablet (if you were listening to your favorite music on your tablet during breaks or moments of relaxation) and an oversized hood to cover and treat all types of hair and all types of hairstyle.

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Professional or amateur strong sensation, this bathrobe is for you. Demand comfort and efficiency, a garment that will make all the difference in all your activities. As this bathrobe does so well in its functions, do not impose any limit. Slip into an adidas hooded man bathrobe to start the day, before and after showering or bathing, for a refreshing relaxing time and for training or competitions without mistakes. Enjoy a high performance garment at an unbeatable price for comfort and exceptional style.