When it comes to choosing the right personalised baby dressing gown there are a lot of things that you’ll need to consider. However, amidst the many things that you’ll need to think about here are 3 tips that you can utilize to narrow down your search and give a wonderful gift to your baby. If you’re on the hunt for the right choice, consider the following ideas that will help you move forward with relative ease.


The first thing that you’ll need to inquire about is the size you’ll need. The sizing of gown has changed in a lot of ways and should not be seen as the same as normal clothing. The reason being is that it should fit a certain way. You don’t want an item that is too tight, but at the same time, you don’t want to have a super baggy option either. Finding a happy medium requires you to look through the sizing chart and understand the sizes to get the right one.

Colour Scheme

There are a plethora of colours, patterns, designs, and more than you’ll need to sift through before you make your purchase. The traditional muted colours are always a good choice, but if you want something more vibrant, unique options will also catch your eye. There are even some that are licensed from cartoon characters and more, so a baby can pretend to be a superhero, for example.


Another great tip to utilize when finding the right personalised baby dressing gown for baby is to look for the fabric selection. You want it to be soft and versatile so that they can wear it around the house. However, if you want it for immediate use after showering or bathing, you’ll want a more towel-like consistency to the fabric. Either way, always look for a soft fabric like microfiber for the ultimate in comfort. But our online firm, dealing with baby products, has come up with nice offers for the personal touch.
1. personalized baby robes for the little girl with a hood trimmed in pink. For the boy, it is trimmed in blue. Non-traditional colours can be chosen. The piping is made from contrasting check, plain or striped material. These robes are ideal for children up to 2 years and make fantastic gifts. Some come as gift packs with a gown, Velcro bib and a towel was thrown in.

2. The pink flower power set will be ideal for the little girl. The flowers are appliquéd in pink checks on the plain white background. The knotted belt makes it cute and cuddly.

3. For the boy, there is a gown set that looks like a baseball outfit. The piping is in navy blue and red. The balls and bats are appliquéd. Another sports gown is of navy blue material with all-around white piping. Four types of balls are appliquéd on to the side of the baby gown. The material is thick luxurious velour fabric. The plus points are the adorable hoods for framing the child.

4. There are a plethora of themes running through the gowns available at our online firm. There is the Ducky robe with a yellow appliquéd duck just about ready to quack. The duck has pink beaks and toes and the distinctive touch is a large blue bow around the neck of the waddle feet. The bunny-themed hooded gown will make dad and mom smile. The bunny with perky years is grinning. On a light blue material, the bunny is cut out of blue pinstriped material. The ears are long and white with blue striped piping. The nose is pink and the naughty eyes black.

5. There are gowns made from many types of material. The cotton terry hooded towel robe is perfect for bath time and cuddly hours. Each robe has a theme figure on the upper left corner – either an animal of the flower. More expensive is the Egyptian cotton organic baby robe but is worth the dollars. Slightly on the higher range is another robe – the double dot velour hooded robe.

6. Customized orders can be made on our online firm. The baby gown will contain the initialized names of the infant or anything else the customer wishes. Even customization has become streamlined.
No matter what you are going to buy for your baby, make sure that when you are trying to select the proper personalised baby dressing gown you consider them and what they like most.