What is a personalised baby gown Gift?

A personalised gift is a gift that has been customised for the recipient. This involves taking a standard gift, such as a teddy bear, and adding personalised features. For example, sewing the baby’s name onto the teddy bears arm or adding the sound of a loved one’s voice when the bear is hugged. Let’s explore some ideas!

1) A Personalised First Blanket.

A standard personalised baby gift, suitable for both girls and boys. This item will usually cost between £10-£50 depending on the material you desire. It might be best to ask the parent if they have bought a blanket yet, just to avoid an awkward double purchase situation.

2) Personalised ‘Day You Were Born’ Print.

One of my favorite gift ideas is the Day You Were Born print. This caring, and interesting, the gesture will surely make any recipient smile. Available from many retailers, this print can cost between £10-30 depending on the frame and size you require.

3) Personalised ‘New Arrivals’ Plaque.

Similar to the Day You Were Born print in nature, this gift is suitable for both girls and boys. It is also more affordable, costing between £5-£15, and is sold by a variety of retailers. This gift might be a perfect option if the recipient has relocated to accommodate the new arrival.

4) Personalised Dressing Gowns.

Dressing gowns are a beautiful gesture and will really show the recipient how much you care. Furthermore, it’s a gift which might save the recipient some money which is always a bonus when accommodating a new born. Personalised dressing gown gifts range from £35-£100 so are somewhat more expensive than the other ideas listed here.

5) Personalised ‘New Baby’ Manual.

An affordable and funny gift for any family. These books are available from a range of online retailers and sell for around £15. This is a great gift which the baby will most likely hold onto for life!

Aren’t personalised baby gifts expensive?

Yes – personalised gifts are more expensive in general than non-personalised gifts. This is due to the extra processes undertaken to personalise the item. For example, a personalised teddy bear will need extra sewing work. However, try to think about the additional value personalising the gift gains you with the recipient (truthfully, the parents). This extra gesture will really go a long way in showing how much you care about the baby, so remember this when looking at prices.

Finding baby gifts

Finding a unique baby gift for a very special baby on a very special occasion could be tricky at times. Though the range of baby products and gifts available nowadays are larger than ever, with all sorts of varieties, finding something unusually excellent or special as defined by the word unique itself will require a person to use his or her creativity and think out of the box, against everyday stereotypes. A little baby might have no idea of what gift is all about, but a gift that is useful, long-lasting and memorable could stimulate the baby with positive ideas of love and care, creating a distinctive memory and moreover, a special bond between the baby and you.

Of course, the most important thing about a gift is the idea of giving, sharing itself rather than what you are giving. But if everybody decides to give something typical to what baby gifts are all about to common thinking, the baby and family might end up having several sets of things and in some cases, loads of them though what’s need might be just one or two. Worse, if they are just too many, they might later be found unused and covered with dust in the storage or given away to someone else. And these days where E-baying is so handy and profitable, who knows if your gift might become an item to bid on for sale!

Unique baby gifts do not mean that you will be spending your fortune on them. You might need to spend some time on ideas and creativity but money would not necessarily be the main factor in creating a unique gift for another unique personality. It could be something common and simple but presented in an extraordinary and exciting way. Let us take an example of buying clothing for a baby shower. Rather than buying something for everyday wear which is usual, you can find something special for a special day, like a princess’ gown or a super cute bunny suit for Easter. Or even a traditional dress like a Scottish kilt or a salwar suit for celebrations. Or put that idea the other way round. Turn an everyday wear into something special like a casual outing coat with the baby’s name on its front.