Personalized wedding bathrobes are the items that the bride and the bridegroom are given by friends, family, and relatives during the day of engagement. The gifts range
from gowns, foodstuffs, alcohol, houses, cars, flowers as well as money. There are special occasions where jewelry is offered to the couples as a gift. During
the wedding events, there is usually a celebratory tone among the guests and the hosts of the party.

There are presents such as engraved whiskey that is given to the couples who prefer drinking alcohol. Such gifts are accompanied by the tumblers in which other people will use to enjoy during the
wedding day. Whisky is usually brought in sealed boxes that sometimes entail the instruction on how people have to use it (Richter, Paula, and Marc, 106). Additionally, there
are home wears which are presented to the bride and the groom. Such wears include wedding gowns, aprons, pillows, cushions, towels, and shoes. These
gifts are usually of the preferred color, size, and shape of the couples.

There are other cases in which the couples are given surprises with kitchen stuff such as knives, plates, fridge, and cupboards in which those items need to be stored. The utensils may be made of melanin, ceramics or the plastic ones(Wagner, 20).

The items are always of the modern style, beautiful, shiny, and attractive. The kitchen items are brought from fabulous shops that are known for selling quality items.
However, there is a situation in which the gifts which are presented to the couples are meant for farming purposes.

Such items are jembe, machete, wheelbarrow or the cereals. (Richter, Paula, and Marc, 106) Friends, relatives and the family members give farm inputs with the aim of making the couples independent especially
after the wedding ceremony has been accomplished.

There are cases in which expensive personal gifts like vehicles are presented during weddings. The cars that are bought are of high quality and fascinating in
appearance. Such gifts may be given as a surprise, or they are planned before they are given to the bride and the groom. gits bathrobes

Additionally, items like golden watches, bangles as well as necklaces are given as gifts to the couple.
Expensive gifts are either imported from abroad or bought from costly warehouses. In most wedding ceremonies, money is brought to the couples as a
gift (Wagner, 20).

The bride and the groom become joyous because they can buy anything they prefer using cash which is given to them.

Summarily, home bathrobes are essential gifts that should always be offered to the wedding people throughout the globe. The gifts should be given basing on the culture,
beliefs, practices, and norms of the people.

There are some cases in which the wedding gifts cements marriage of some people.