When making of luxurious personalized bathrobes for couples the materials are mainly soft, comfortable and long-lasting. To select robes, various options are available. In different types, colors, styles, the robes are available for men, women, and kids. While choosing the robes, the fabric used is very important to notice. The main properties of it are absorbing, soft feel and weight. Some of the benefits of bathrobes include clean, lightweight, sleek look and water absorption.

The personalized bathrobes for couples that are made of cotton serve the purpose in spa and hotels and as a gift in the corporate areas. Due to the reasonable pricing, the cotton robes are used in the spas and hotels. Easy breathing and comfort and the easy and quicker absorption are the qualities of the cotton robes. During summer, the cotton robes are inexpensive, good and also comfortable to the users. When the density of the fabric is high and also heavy, the cotton robes will have the absorption feature. For the making of classic bathrobes, the commonly used ones are the Turkish and Egyptian cotton. This type of bathrobes are good using, but it becomes heavier when wet. There is a necessity of pre-shrunk treatment, and this is to avoid shrinking.

The personalized bathrobes for couples give a velvet feeling, and it is also soft. These bathrobes can be cleaned easily and also easier to wash using the machine. The velour bathrobes, when compared to the other robes, are soft, warm, insulating and luxurious. These are great when used as loungewear and satin; silk robes gives a smooth feeling. During summer, this is ideal. Similar to cotton, it does not absorb and also not looped similar to microfiber bathrobes. It gives a glamorous look. A silky feel can be obtained from the light weighted robe. The cashmere robes are rich and warm. Varieties of cashmere robes available. The quality must be ensured before one buys it. Animal hair fibers are used in these bathrobes. These robes are light weighted, soft and give a warm feel and require dry clean mostly.