How  choose its personnalized bathrobe ?

The dressing gown personalized man is a clothing which can be freed from the bathroom and to go everywhere at home and at various times of day. In its living room, in front of its computer. Comfort above all. For the sportsmen, the dressing gown personalized man is also a very useful accessory. The swimmers will be able for example to use it with the swimming pool.
It is possible to personalize its dressing gown man by the embroidery side heart or in the back. The text will be a first name, a small text. The reason will be to select by set of themes sport, kitchen, nature, animals. .etc.
The dressing gown man personnalisable and personalized is thus an excellent idea.
The dressing gown man personnalisable with a personalized embroidery is a robust dressing gown. Designed with a sponge 100% cotton, thick, which has excellent properties of absorption and comfort. To also discover the range of dressing gowns men for all the ages. Plain models as well as charming dressing gowns man with hood with reasons already embroidered in particular in the back.
The dressing gowns soft men embroidered with your first name are also an excellent idea. What could be more pleasant than to feel in its dressing gown.
The Composition of the dressing gown personalized man is of cotton 100%. Its maintenance is machine washable with 60°c.
We propose to you to choose between 2 fabric options. Vintage and elegant Looped back Jersey and new velvet, super soft. Both will put to you so much at ease.

Design your own personalized bathrobe!

The personalized bathrobe is a perfect garment for moments of relaxation, to the point that you will never want to leave it. When you go home after a hard and long day of work. Forget the stress of the day and resume a calmer and more zen pace. You feel the yard lighter and comfortable.

If you like more than anything snuggle up against your sofa and catch up on your favorite TV shows, then why not do it in personalized bathrobe. The personalized man bathrobe was designed in-house by the fashion experts, who created a style to suit all tastes. Custom men’s bathrobes can also be a wonderful gift for your loved ones, or a special gift for you and your well-being.

The custom man bathrobe is designed to be ample and comfortable to wear on underwear.