The first polar textile appeared in 1979 in the United States, designed by Malden Mills. Whether it is women, men or children, everyone wraps around in search of comfort and softness. Because of its synthetic fiber design, the polar fabric is a real cocoon that provides warmth without speaking about its lightness. This type of textile is most often used for indoor clothing, among others polar’s bathrobe. They can be short or long and exist in different colors for the satisfaction of the wearer.

The bathrobe polar man, synonym for absolute comfort:

The bathrobe polar man gets for the people a lot of advantage as the comfort which he grants for example. Bathrobes are most of the time ample what allows rather fluid movements and without dimensions. His its fabric is also of high quality because it exceeds(over widely the exploits of the wool. But in lighter version, what is not unimportant. The polar’s bathrobe man is also very soft, what allows the families to keep the heat which he gets even during the season of snows. That the time is beautiful or not, the polar bathrobe will always have its advantages in terms of comfort because it gives some heat when it is cold, and lets the skin breathe calmly when it is warm. His its inconvenience is its ease of accumulation of dust and hairs of animals. Thus it is necessary to be very careful.

The polar bathrobe to preserve nature:

Polar fabrics are made from raw materials 100% recycled since 2010. This innovation was first developed by Polartec. They create a fabric of good quality while retaining all its original features. Different major brands have subsequently adopted this fabric since it is necessary to say that it allows them to make significant savings in the purchases of materials. While still environmentally friendly, the polar bathrobe, once worn, can be recycled for reuse. It can even be re-used to contribute to the design of new objects besides the bathrobe, such as decorative objects or other clothing to give a second life to the material.

Polar men’s robes, easy to find:

They are very easy to find since it is the most used bathrobe fabric. Not to mention the online shops, almost all major textile shops have.