The children deserve neither more nor less than the best and when talking about clothing items they are particularly satisfied. Today children also enjoy the best of textiles with colors, patterns, styles and shapes always even more cute than ever. To save time and energy, the bathrobe is unavoidable, at least for the bathroom; The children will no longer see the bathroom in the same way. To wipe and dry the skin quickly and carefully as well as to protect against the cold and gusts of wind, the child microfiber bathrobe, in fact the bathrobe is our best companion everyday.

Besides its use in the bathroom, the bathrobe is a real delight to be crunched for all the members of the family. Archetypal indoor garment, the bathrobe optimizes the moments of relaxations and returns the house always and even more magic. Fabric of exception which has only of the voucher, the fabric microfiber suits perfectly as well for the bathroom as the room. Léger, supple, absorbing, airy and sustainable, the bathrobe microfiber child is a real cocoon of sweetness for the children whom they will appreciate by all the seasons. Boy or girl will find what they are looking for in this fantastic bathrobe, with the models with hood we can also dry hair easily and quickly. The textile microfiber is established of a high-quality synthetic fiber which offers advantages which revolutionize the environment of the textile.

Live with the evolution, adopt the robe microfiber for child.

Having shown its beginnings and its mettle in the linens of cleaning, the textile microfibre is found today a little everywhere. Upholstering, clothing,lingerie and others, made new great strides since the appearance of the textiles microfibre around the years 1980. Infinitely more lighter absorbent and, easy of maintenance and more durable than any other fabric, natural fiber or artificial. Flexible and more close to the skin, the dressing gown microfibre child offers to your child, to your children all the care and the comfort which they deserve with each use. Soft for the skin and to the touch, the dressing gown microfibre child offers an extremely durable pleasure, it is a textile which has one exceptional lifetime and which becomes deformed less quickly than any other current fabric.