In most families, all members are sharing a bathroom and will often keep all their bathrobes in the bathroom. So to make it easy for a family member to find his or her bathrobe quickly and conveniently the bathrobes are personalized with the name, monogram, initials of the family member for whom the bathrobe has been ordered. As the bathrobe is worn for a short period of time daily, many families, especially those with a limited budget are looking for low cost suppliers of bathrobes. Some tips for finding cheap personalized bathrobes online are provided so that the bathrobe buyer can find the right bathrobe quickly.

One of the main factors determining the price of a bathrobe is the material of the bathrobe. It is observed that cotton, plush bathrobes made from polyester are usually inexpensive compared to those made from terry cloth or Turkish towel material as the fabric is thinner and it is easier to stitch the bathrobe from thinner fabric . Another factor which will affect the price of the bathrobe is the size of the bathrobe. Smaller bathrobes for children, babies use less fabric material and are inexpensive. Similarly bathrobes for shorter and thinner men and women are likely to be cheaper than those for larger taller men and women due to differences in fabric required.

It is also usually cheaper to purchase a bathrobe set for a couple compared to purchasing separate bathrobes, as the seller is offering a discount for purchasing two bathrobes at a time.The seller may also offer discounts for larger order of bathrobes. Simpler designs of bathrobes are also likely to be cheaper as less effort is required to manufacture the bathrobe . It is also advisable to check the website of the bathrobe seller periodically as they may be offering discounts on certain designs as part of the closeout sale. So by taking some effort the bathrobe buyer can save a significant amount of money.