There is a new word for vacationing and not going to a destination away from home, it is ‘staycation’. This can mean that you have decided that you do not choose to travel to another place other than the town or city that you live in, and it can mean enjoying all the attractions that your town or region offers tourists that make a point of traveling to enjoy what is in your backyard. There is another way to enjoy being at home, literally being in your own house, and having a little vacation, though we are not clever enough to come up with a new word for it.

But, by definition, a vacation is a holiday from the routine, doing something that you enjoy, it should rejuvenate you, and by all accounts, it literally can be a day at home, or at the spa, where you can spend some time with someone dear to you without worrying about the demands of the kids soccer schedules, your husband, or walking the dog. That is you, yourself, in need of some personal time to remember what it is like to have a long hot bath, with some scented candles, and then hang out in your personalized luxury bathrobes.

You can find plenty of excuses to hang out at home in your personalized luxury bathrobes, but first you need to have one. If you have neglected to invest in a good one that makes you feel like Cleopatra, and hopefully look like her, then get online to shop for one, search keywords ‘personalized luxury bathrobes’ and you will find the soft organic cotton bathrobe for women you have been dreaming of. While you are there, get one for him too, so you can reconnect and do it together.

With your favorite personalized luxury bathrobes you can hang out on the back deck, poolside, or in the hot tub, read a good book you have been putting off since buying it, sip a glass of wine in front of the fire, it’s all about you at least until reality encroaches again. If the weather is dreadful, and you cannot find a reason to brave that blizzard, or the 100+ degree weather, rain, hurricane, and want to avoid that by snuggling up in the robe, nobody can blame you. Make it productive by taking the day to create a suppertime meal that will astonish the family, or take the time to watch that movie on Netflix that your husband calls a chick flick and your kids would consider laughable; it is your time!