opened its doors in 2017 from a simple observation: today, whether it is in supermarkets, in specialty linen shops and even in fashion designers, it is difficult to find the bathrobe which corresponds to us. The choice is limited to a small number of colors, cuts and materials. And even if we find one, it is often very difficult to customize at an affordable price. That’s why we created

The idea came from a conversation with friends:

“I had planned to give a personal bathrobe to my mother for Christmas. I wanted something colorful and original to stick to his personality and especially to make him a unique gift.

But to my surprise, it’s impossible to get hold of a rather original bathrobe. I was very disappointed. I did all the shops and the biggest department stores, I always found the same thing: basic bathrobes with very classic colors and for the most part a little too fine for my taste.

It is true that some brands sold bathrobes of good quality but the prices were prohibitive.

Above all, none of these stores offered free personalization for the mum’s bathrobe. It’s up to me to do the embroidery. ” therefore has the main objective of allowing everyone to find their ideal bathrobe and personalize it. That’s why, offering a wide range of bathrobes to suit everyone’s tastes has become a real reason to be.

We make sure to always find the best suppliers to guarantee you an offer of bathrobes of excellent quality, with collections renewed regularly but especially at the right price to deserve your trust and satisfy you.