Women Bathrobes

Feeling the warmth of a bathrobe after shower or before bed gives you comfort on cold days. So whether you want something to cover up after a shower or comfort on a nice weekend then a nice terry bathrobe will not disappoint. Here are a collection of the most comfortable and cozy terry bathrobe women.

  1. Classic Bathrobe from Parachute

Parachute is well known for its beautiful
collection of beddings and towels. Well, it provides the best bathrobes in the
market with high quality being their top priority. Classic bathrobe is made
from pure Turkish cotton making it more comfortable and durable. Classic
bathrobes are light weight and easy to slip in and move around with all year

  1.  Turkish Terry Cloth Robe

This cozy bathrobe is made by Alexander Del
Rosa with 100% Turkish cotton making you feel cozy and warm right after shower.
The long robe ensures you dry up from your head to the legs as it comes with a
hood making sure you dry even your hair. The wide pockets ensure your hands also
get the warmth.

  1. Waffle Weave

This soft spa bathrobe by from TowelSelections
will pamper you and give you the feeling of a spa. The lightweight bathrobe is
suitable for use either after shower or for walking around the swimming pool. It
comes with a combination of Turkish cotton and polyester with different
attractive colors to choose from.

  1. Terry Shawl Bathrobe

Made from Turkish cotton, this is another
very nice terry bathrobe womens from TowelSelections. It has thicker neckline
and hemline differentiating it from many bathrobes. The thickness of the robe
ensures more luxury and warmth. Quality and softness is given priority in this
robe with different styles and colors. It comes in different sizes fitting both
children and adults.

  1. Women’s Terry Robe

Women’s Terry Robe from Towel Selections
will ensure you dry up immediately after shower. You will love this bathrobe
for its fine fabric that absorbs all the moisture from your body leaving you
comfortable, dry and warm. The robe is made from pure Turkish cotton ensuring
softness and fluffiness.

  1. Nordstrom Lingerie Terry Robe

If you like going sexy after shower or
before bed then this terry bathrobe womens guarantees
both warm and sexiness. This robe is lightweight and comfortable hitting just
at the knees. It has wide and deep pockets that ensure your hands are not left
out in the cold.

  1. Jockey Women’s Robe

Sexiness is at its level best with this
robe as it ends right at the knee with a semi-revealing V-neck line. The robe
ensures simplicity and lightweight comfortable for summer wear. The bathrobe is
made of fleece ensuring luxury and fashion.

  1. Plush bathrobe

This is another super soft bathrobe from TowelSelections.
This robe is made from fleece and it is very absorbent, soft and plush. If you
love fleecy, heavy and warm bathrobes them plush is your best choice. It has
large pockets and comes in a variety of colors and sizes ensuring you get
spoiled of choices.

  1. Kimono bathrobe

This beautiful bathrobe from
TowelSelections is made from pure Turkish cotton ensuring comfort and softness.
This robe comes with different sizes and over ten colors to choose from.