Women deserve the best comfortable provided by beautiful robes so that they can feel warm and nice after shower or before sliding into the blankets. So if you need a lightweight rope to walk through the swimming pool, a heavy robe to warm up in a chilly winter or a nice robe for summer days, then these beautiful flannel bathrobe women will provide more than you expect.


  1. Triple-Brushed Flannel Robe

This is a thick Portugal robe that ensures
enough comfort and warmth. It is tripled brushed ensuring uncompromising
comfort. It comes with a classic shawl collar and an inside tie to keep it
closed and secured. It has a high quality fabric and comes in different
attractive colors.

  1. Steward Plaid Robe

This soft robe from PajamaGram gives you
the best feeling you can get on a chilly winter night. The robe is made from
100% pure cotton ensuring a soft feel and warmth. It offers large front pockets
and a shawl collar ensure your entire body is protected. It comes in very
bright red color with different sizes ranging from small to extra large.

  1. Latuza Women’s Flannel Robe

This is another bathrobe made with pure
cotton ensuring softness and warmth either after taking a shower, chilly
morning or a cold night before going to bed. The robe comes with large pockets,
shawl collar with large strings and detachable inner ties and strings for

  1. Alexander Del Rosa Flannel Robe

The lightweight flannel bathrobe womens is
a killer bathrobe ensuring comfort and warmth every day of the year. It is made
from 100% premium cotton fabric. It has two patch front pockets ensuring your hands
are kept warm as well as storing items such as your phone or snacks. An
incorporated inside tie ensures your robe remains closed.

  1. Snowfall Plaid Wrap Rope

This cozy bathrobe is made by PajamaGram
with pure cotton specifically for women. The rope is lightweight and super soft
ensuring enough comfort with a warm hug. It comes with a shawl collar with two
wide front pockets.

  1. Plush Vermont Flannel Robe

This beautifully bath
robe is made with pure cotton and the finest European fabric. The soft robe
fits well ensuring softness and comfort. It is lightweight and comfortable to
wear throughout the year. It has two deep pockets together with two belt loops.

  1. Flannel Free Swingin’ Robe

This flannel bathrobe womens
ensures free swinging up and about enabling women to move
around freely. It is an extra soft
bathrobe with giving you world class coziness and the luxury you deserve. It
has adjustable button cuffs, inside ties for convenience and belt loops.

  1. 7 VEILS Women Flannel

7 VEILs provides
complete protection from the shoulders to the legs with its long fit reaching
up to the ankle. It ensures your kept warm on winter nights. It is made of
fleece with quality fabrics. It also comes with two inserted pockets for your
accessories and to keep the hands warm.

  1. Tartan Plaid

This is another cozy
flannel ensuring comfort, warmth and softness throughout a chilly night. It is
made of classic Tartan Plaid featuring cuffed sleeves, shirt collar and a
button-up placket.