Thebathrobes wanted to revisit the image of this garment that tended to stay in the closet.

The women’s bathrobe is an indoor garment made for all women, because it is soft and gives you all the heat needed out of-bath.

It is also comfortable and because you can walk home lightly and without fear of drafts that usually make you shiver.

On our bet is to offer you ladies, all the fleece and flannel material for the long winter nights in satin for the sweet nights of summer, colors and styles to make you feel at home. at home in all elegance and comfort with a soft garment that suits you. We also offer a customization service through our embroidery workshop who will be happy to customize your bathrobe to your image with a logo, a nickname, a sweet word or even a picture with the image printing system that will allow you to relive moments of joy every day with a picture of your best family vacation or a photo of your family.

We are at your disposal by e-mail and live chat, if you need advice. Good shopping !